Grace Christian Academy uses carefully selected Christian curriculum from sources such as A Beka and Bob Jones. We use a combination of educational programs, in addition to daily Bible classes, weekly chapel services, and library services to meet the needs of the total child. 

Class Descriptions

Grace Christian Academy uses a combination of educational programs selected especially to meet the needs of the total child. A complete curriculum guide containing a detailed scope and sequence, educational objectives, course textbooks and evaluation methods has been developed for each grade level and subject area.

Below we have listed a general overview for each grade. If you would like more detailed information, contact us at (314) 837-8283.

Preschool (Ages 3 and 4)

  • Students will learn about God and start to learn their letters and numbers.

  • Students spend a lot of time working on social skills, like sharing and obeying their teachers.

  • Students will get to enjoy Bible/Worship time, Art (the Art teacher visits the classroom), PE, and of course lunch and nap time too!

Pre-Kindergarten (Ages 4 and 5)

  • Students learn about God, letter sounds, and how to write their names.

  • During the second semester, students will be able to read some sight words and put together three letter words in order to prepare them to read in Kindergarten.

  • There will be a BIG event at the end of the year — Pre-K graduation!


  • Students learn phonics blends (Reading), numbers in relationship to Math through the use of educational games, books, crafts and manipulatives. Health and Science are introduced as well.

  • Students will go outside the classroom for specials, such as Music, Art, Library and PE.

1st Grade

  • Students learn to read skillfully and smoothly.

  • Students learn to add, subtract, tell time, and much more!

  • A computer class is introduced in 1st grade using state of the art laptops.

2nd Grade

  • Reading is still very important in 2nd grade. The books become harder, but more interesting!

  • In Math, students continue to learn addition and subtraction with more advanced concepts including renaming.

  • 2nd graders do a lot of creative writing and learn to think out of the box.

  • In February, 2nd graders focus on Black History and learn about our past Presidents, along with the great African Americans that changed history.

3rd Grade

  • Students learn multiplication, division and much more.

  • Cursive is the only way to write!

  • Science in 3rd grade includes a study of the planets. Students visit an Observatory in the evening to see the stars and planets.

  • One of the 3rd grade field trips is a visit to the Daniel Boone Home. This is an excellent learning adventure and great fun for the students.

4th Grade

  • Students learn to use a Bible concordance, glossary, and other tools to study the Bible.

  • The 4th grade class does mini government and economics units.

  • Students do a report on Native American tribes, and make a model of an actual Native American dwelling.

  • Students visit the Thornhill Farm where they experience what it was like to be a homesteader in the 1800â€ēs. Students cook their own meal, cut up vegetables and make their own butter. Candle making is also a fun activity.

5th Grade

  • 5th graders are prepared for Middle School.

  • Students learn leadership skills and responsibility by taking care of various jobs around the school, and being part of a special program which involves reading to Kindergarten students.

  • 5th grade puts a lot of emphasis on reading comprehension by doing fun projects.

  • 5th grade students participate in the D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program.

  • 5th grade students are required to earn 10 hours of community service per school year.

6th Grade

  • 6th grade is the beginning of our Middle School program. Students change classes instead of staying with one teacher all day.

  • 6th grade students are required to earn 12 hours of community service per school year.

7th Grade

  • Fun activities for Middle School students may include Impact Day, Student Council, Spirit Weeks, and Lock-Ins.

  • 7th grade students are required to earn 14 hours of community service per school year.

8th Grade

  • Students learn how to write a scientific research paper.

  • 8th graders are viewed as the leaders of the school. Usually the Student Council President is chosen from the 8th grade class.

  • One of the most exciting things about being an 8th grader is graduation, a very special celebration just for them!

  • 8th grade students are required to earn 16 hours of community service per school year.

Music, Art & P.E.

  • Elementary Students attend Music, P.E. and art classes two times per week

  • Middle School students attend P.E. three times per week. They attend Music and Art two times per week.

Extra-Curricular Programs

  • We currently have Chess Club and hope to expand our extra-curricular options during the 2019-2020 school year!